Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 9 PSMF - Pics

No time to write - got a plane to catch. Here are some pics from the beginning of Day 9 of my PSMF experiment.

More to come...stay tuned!


Haley said...

You're doing great! It's very inspiring. I may have to try this out at some point!

Jamie said...

Hi Jenn

I put your Jan 15/11 pics up against these newest pics. Wow, wow, wow and hot hot hot.

You have made tremendous changes and your body is looking as sleek and sexy. Your husband is one luck guy.

All I can say is continue your journey and successes.

Lisa from FFF said...

Be proud, girl! You've worked hard and you look great!

TrailGrrl said...

Looking great! I have been half-ass doing LeanGains. Following the diet but was doing a crazy mixture of MMA and conditioning stuff. I've decided that since we are going to Hawaii at the end of November for our anniversary that I want to stop screwing around and get lean for a bikini. I have decided to stop the HIIT stuff and go back to the Big Three exercises and lift heavy and only do 3 days per week. I am not getting enough protein so I need to bump that up.

What are some strategies for doing chinups? I can't do a single one unassisted.

Which ON casein flavor are you using?

Thanks for finally having an LG blog for women.


Jenn said...

I started with assisted Chins and Negatives and just kept at it - but i only train them once per week.

ON Casein, Chocolate Supreme. I also just got one of the vanillas, but haven't tried it yet. Experimenting with Trutein also - mixed protein that's 40% whey, 40% casein, 20% egg protein.

Good Luck!

Haley said...

TrailGirl, I am in the same boat with chinups. bought a Chinup assistance band from lifeline. You can adjust how much it helps you, and after a week and a half, I'm already thinking about reducing the assistance. It got it on