Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Are you getting taller?"

We're three weeks in now and some amazing things are beginning to happen for Whitney. "In the past week, no fewer than three people have asked me if I'm getting taller," she said. "I'm 27, I know I'm not still growing."

I think she's looking taller because she's already losing weight around her face and neck. We haven't weighed in again, but there's no need. Her body is already changing. She's also noticed that some of the people around her are suddenly becoming more active. After buying some boxing gloves and target mitts to practice with, her father has pitched in and is happy to help her spar on her "off" days. And one of her friends has begun walking a couple of days a week with her at the local reservoir - a 1.6 mile loop. In case that doesn't sound like a lot of exercise, try strapping a couple hundred pounds to your body and then taking the same stroll.

Enough of my comments and observations. Below is Whitney's week 2-3 update:

ME: You're two full weeks in now, how's it going?

WHITNEY: It’s going pretty good, coming to the workouts isn’t so much of a hassle anymore I actually feel like if I missed a workout I wouldn’t feel right. Also i’ve noticed my confidence has increased with showing up to the gym and working out.

ME: I've noticed how much your stamina is already improving (boxing for 1:00 straight when you started at :30 seconds just a week ago. Have you noticed any differences in your day-to-day (energy at work, home, with family and friends)?

WHITNEY: My energy levels definitely have increased and my sleeping has improved. Usually during the day due to my job consisting of mostly driving I found myself wanting to fall asleep at the wheel and then waking up 2-3 times during the night. Now I work, go to workout and when I get home I can actually relax and fall asleep. Also my job entails a lot of stress and Im able to bring some of that stress to the workout as well which is a great release.

ME: You told me a man at your job is also starting a fitness program on his own and said you two should be "each other's support group." How is that working out? Do you find extra motivation from him and others who know about your training?

WHITNEY: YES!!! Basically when I started these workouts I decided to not tell anyone, once you tell people then its like a flood of questions and I didn’t want to happen. Then I realized, why shouldn’t I be proud of the decision I made to improve myself? I realized that sometimes it’s important to tell people because then it’s not only creating a support system for yourself but it’s also creating a sense of accountability. You can talk like your doing all these things to improve yourself but if you don’t start showing it, its all false but when other people are involved in someway it’s almost like they are waiting to see the change too and you get a sense of not wanting to let people done which all goes to motivation.

ME: How is your nutrition this past week? Are you still keeping your food journal? Did you take my advice on the orange juice? :-)

WHITNEY: I am still keeping my food journal which now that I keep it on my phone it has become so much easier to keep updated. Also it’s amazing to see what you consume in a day and how all the protein, fat, sugar and such add up. I did take your tips about the nutrition and i’ve noticed a positive difference.

If anyone is interested in the type of training we're doing, here are a few sample circuits she performs during our sessions:

KB swings x10
KB cleans  x10/10
KB press x10/10
Small steps on an aerobics step x 30

Dead Ball Slams x 10
Dead Ball Granny Toss x 10
Dead Ball Soccer Throw x 10

Alt Arm Rope Slams 10/10
2-Arm Rope Slams 10
Seated Rope Russian Twists - 10

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meet Whitney

Today I wanted to tell you all about one of my newest, and most determined clients. Her name is Whitney. I met Whitney at a Kid Rock concert we were attending with mutual friends. We got to talking about working out and weight lifting and hit it off from the start. I found out she used to train heavily in college - we're both former soccer goalies - high school for me, college for Whit. But she admits she let some bad habits fill a void after she graduated.

Without going into too much detail, let me just say this. Whitney is one of the strongest women I've met in a very long time. She may not "look" like it from the outside, but I see it as clear as day. At the age of 26, she is 5'7" and 353 lbs (when we started). She is in danger of life long health problems and, like most people in her position, she knew she needed to do something. But she just didn't know where to begin.

Then we met about a month ago. Me, a personal trainer looking to grow my business; Whitney, a woman in need of motivation and instruction to bring out the athlete that's hiding inside. It was a perfect match.

Whitney and I started officially working together last week. She has committed to training with me three times a week, comes to my bi-weekly strength club sessions and began making some lifestyle changes regarding diet and how she spends her free time before we even began training.

I'm going to be posting updates from Whitney's journey and am counting on my followers to comment at any time with encouraging and motivating words to help keep her fire burning. She has a long road ahead of her, but she's already moving in the right direction. I know that, with consistency and some simple changes in her diet, she will find tremendous success.

Whitney's Week 1 Update

Me: Whitney, what was the biggest  challenge you faced starting this program?

Whitney: Motivation to say yes and to actually attend all workouts with a positive attitude. Knowing you're overweight is hard, but actually feeling it through every workout and your food choices is harder and a constant reminder.

Me: Did anything surprise you? (Something you thought would be difficult that wasn't so bad? Something you thought would be easy that wasn't...)

Whitney: I thought that these workouts would have a large amount of cardio (running) in them because that is what everyone told me before: “just run and the pounds will melt off.” But the truth is, ya its easy for a small little petite person to tell someone overweight to “just run,” but overweight people can’t run that well - that's the problem. These circuits and workouts that I have been completing (with Jenn) are not only a good workout, but also fun and involve cardio without you even thinking about it.

Me: How do you like the facility and the training environment?

Whitney: I like the atmosphere of the facility [All Star Sports Academy in Toms River, NJ]. All of the staff that I have had the pleasure of meeting were polite and you can see that they care about all their members. The facility is packed full of different free weights, machines, open space and perfectly set up so that you can have a group running at the same time of one-on-one training and everyone feels as though the entire facility is open to them.

Me: Are you noticing any changes in your energy level? Appetite? Cravings?

Whitney: I have noticed that my craving for Coke Cola has decreased and now I can take a sip and be satisfied when before I would drink two full bottles worth in one setting. I have noticed that, now that I eat three squared meals a day with or without a snack, I feel full and am able to stop. Also what has helped is realizing the difference between a craving for a specific food/drink rather than my body being actually hungry which has helped decrease my intake.

Me: How are you sleeping? Is this better or worse than before we started?

Whitney: My sleep has definitely improved. I try to get to sleep between 10-10:30 at night. Before I would not be able to fall asleep until around 1 am and I always wake up at 6:55 am (5 minutes before my alarm). I fall asleep faster and I've noticed that when I wake up I feel energized, not sluggish.

Me: What about how are your clothes are fitting?

Whitney: I’ve noticed that I don’t have to stretch out my clothes before wearing them much anymore, also i’ve always had a hard time finding clothes that fit around my neck. My pants are fitting better around the waist and a little loosely and people at work have noticed and say things like, “your shirt looks big on you” and “your clothes are hanging off of you.”

Stay tuned for Whitney's next update coming soon!

NOTE: I'm not posting pics of Whitney yet. I want to give her some real time to groove her new habits first. But, rest assured, we will be proudly posting her progress pics after a few months of consistent training.