Friday, September 30, 2011

RPT and Why I Never Get Bored

Ever since Martin's new blog post mentioned me and the FB group I started, we've nearly tripled in size. We're also getting a lot of newbies who just don't know where to start. I remember when I first stumbled on - there's a TON of detailed science in those posts and it was a bit overwhelming. I can still go back on any given day and learn something new from his posts and I am thankful for his generosity in literally giving away his intellectual property freely and to anyone.

That said, one newbie asked "What is Reverse Pyramid Training?" I know the basics - start at heaviest weight, limited sets, low volume, high-rest, etc...and this is how I've been training since about February. But it wasn't until I went back to Martin's blog to get the link to his description of RPT to post for the group when I realized I wasn't doing it quite right.

So, for all of you who think you're doing it right - as well as for those of you who may be just beginning, read this and get back on track.

BTW - I have to admit that, even after eight months of nearly the exact same routine, I still have yet to grow bored in the weight room. I attack every movement with increased fervor with the goal of either improving on my reps or my weights - or both whenever possible - and, as long as my diet has been clean, I almost always improve).

It is because of this that I have gone from a deadlift of 135lbs to 215lbs; bench press of 75lbs to 110lbs; overhead shoulder press of 15lbs (dumbbells) to 30lbs / 45lb Olympic bar to 65lbs; chinups/pullups from 0 unassisted to 3 body weight +27.5 lbs (142.5 lbs total) - mind you, after two sets of weighted chins (or pullups), I can usually do 8-10 body weight reps. I can do even more dips.

I log every exercise, every weight and every rep. I have gone through one mini-notebook already and have started a new one. I will one day have a Library of Progress to look back upon. While a rock hard six-pack still eludes me, I couldn't be happier with my progress in such a short time and I look forward to comparing my photos from January of 2011 to January of 2012 and beyond. At the end of next year I will be 40 and I plan on looking and feeling better than I did at 20. Hell, I already do!