Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Early Summer Update

An innocent bystander in my search
for Tarpon in the Florida Keys!
I know, it's been forever since I updated. It's been a busy couple of months. As some of you already know, my boyfriend's colorectal cancer returned in April - I probably found out right after my last post, hence the hiatus. He had surgery to remove 20% of his liver in early June (will regenerate) and spent the rest of the month recovering. Just as he was feeling better from the surgery, he started chemo and an IV infusion of a protein-based medication. 

Naturally, as we were preparing for our vacation to Key West (planned pre-recurrence), he broke out in a horrible rash that only got worse and worse while we were away. Now we're home and he's healing. The trip is over and my fall from the training wagon has come to an end.

My IF lifestyle has been so good for me that my endocrinologist lowered my Synthroid dose twice last year. I had actually become clinically hyperactive b/c my body was using my meds so much more efficiently (or something like that). For anyone new reading this, I had a total thyroidectomy in 1999 due to papillary carcinoma. I require daily synthetic hormone replacement. For 13 years my dose did not waver. As I said above, since I started IF, the doc had to lower it twice to get me back on track. The good news? Less meds are always better if you ask me. The bad news? I went from 113 lbs at the height of my hot flashes and heart palpitations to 123 lbs post vacation. My metabolism must be in the dirt and I can't shake this tummy. It's making me crazy.

The Fierce Fit Fearless Facebook group is at 2,250 members and going strong and we just wrapped up our first group challenge - the 30-Day Consistency Counts challenge. 97 participants joined in and many learned to leave well enough alone and practice PATIENCE with their macros and training. Those who adhered lost inches, pants sizes and some weight - in just one month. We're announcing a new challenge this weekend so stay tuned!

I also started an FFF Fan page that is open to everyone. So if you're of the male persuasion and have been wondering what all the FFF hulabaloo is about, please 'Like' us and join in the conversation. We'd love to have you!

Well, that's all for now. Now that things are settling down, I'll be updating this more regularly.