Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Simple Question

I was recently going through some Precision Nutrition materials when I was struck by one of the most profound questions I have yet to consider. 

Do your behaviors match your goals? 

Such a simple idea, really. If you want to be strong, fit and healthy, then 90% of the decisions you make every day should in fact reinforce these goals. I know this isn't rocket science, but I think in the frenzy to calculate calories, the appropriate macro-composition of your diet, get to the gym on a regular basis all the while devouring pages and pages of fitness blogs and websites, we almost lose sight of this simple fact.

If you want to find your abs (I know I do), all you have to do is ask yourself, every day, "What am I going to do that will get me closer to my goal?"

For me this has meant less sitting on the couch and more walking my dog, riding my bike, surfing and training. It also means that, before I eat, I ask myself if what I am about to consume is going to fuel my progress, stall it or, even worse, set it back? 

Since life is meant to be lived, there is room for flexibility in this mindset for special occasions, diet breaks, and the ups and downs of life. I've found, however, that keeping this question in mind keeps me on the right track 90% of the time and I can live with that.

If you want to look like this....

Then by all means, carry on.

But if you want to look like this...

Or this...

Then what are you doing sitting in front of a computer? Get outside and get moving!