Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Training Like a Warrior Looks Silly in the Real World

I'm still awaiting my sandbags which, for reasons beyond comprehension, were on back order. But, Warrior Training couldn't wait any longer, so...I hit the gym last night for my first official training workout.

What did I do? I'm glad you asked. I was warming up on the treadmill when it occurred to me that I could very easily just grab a dumbbell and jog with it right there. I picked up a 30-lber, wrapped my hand towel around the handle, propped it on my shoulder and started walking.

Holding the weight was a bit awkward since my shoulder is so narrow the weight saddled it, therefore the weighted ends pressed against my collarbone and traps - not exactly a pleasant sensation. But, I figured, Warriors don't train in comfort and I pressed on. I increased the elevation to 3.5 and the speed to 4.5 and started a light jog.

I must have looked a bit odd, because of the way people were staring at me, but who cares. Either they think I'm some sort of nut (which is partly true) or were just enraptured by my feat of daring in the middle of Workout World. LOL.

Either way, I don't really care. About a half mile in, the sweat started...and it ran and ran and ran down my face, down my back, even down my arms and legs - and I don't usually sweat much when I workout. I jogged the mile in 14 minutes while switching shoulders when the burning became a bit uncomfortable, then walked another quarter mile with the weight before I called it quits.

After a very short rest, I hit the pull ups. Bodyweight +15 lbs x 4, +10 lbs x 4, BW alone x 6...with basically 30 seconds rest between sets. Then, on my way out, I hit 6 BW chin ups for the hell of it. Why not?

I didn't do Burpees last night, but I'm pretty happy with the first workout. I woke up sore from yesterday - my neck, shoulders, traps, thighs, calves and obliques are all sore from the incline and the added weight on alternating shoulders. Turns out it was a pretty decent workout and I'm looking forward to what it's going to do to me to train this way for the next three weeks.

Tonight I will hopefully surf a bit with my kiddo, then a bodyweight run in the deep sand for tomorrow. I'm going to stick with every other day workouts to ensure I don't end up hurting myself before the challenge by doing too much too quickly.

Stay tuned...more Warrior training updates on the way!


Anonymous said...

Great Job!. Non traditional training can be deceivingly difficult. One of the toughest workouts I ever did was with a boxing heavy bag. I pressed it overhead, walked with it for distance, got ticked off and even threw it a few times. 30 min later was drenched with sweat and absolutely exhausted. Was sore for 4 days afterword. It works all those little muscles, you typically don't use in a gym. -Shawn

Jenn said...

thanks, Shawn. You've got that right. Every muscle in my feet are a bit sore this morning. My legs are feeling heavy and pretty much every muscle in my back is a bit tired. All in all, a GREAT workout. Can't wait for the next one.