Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's a sugar-laden jungle of fat and garbage out there...

Ok, so I went out today to forage for some food for my two pre-workout meals this afternoon (hitting the gym after work to try out some breathing squats for the first time) and this is what I found...


Definitely no - and this one was easy to pass up for obvious reasons...

Wow...sugar, fat and carbs as far as the eye can see...and there were a lot of snacks, too. ;)

Feeling better...more of what I was looking for. Something that will give me energy, fill me up and not send me napping in a half hour.

Finally! Victory is mine!

And the winner is...

Oh, and I had a protein shake, too. Chocolate Peanut Butter Trutein stolen from a colleague. Mixed it with unsweetened almond milk and YUMMO. Tastes like Peanut Butter pie - not lying.

Don't worry, won't be finishing this off. Haven't worked out yet today, so I'll snack on this now and again in a few hours before I head to the gym. I'm thinking whole-wheat pasta with my famous clam sauce for dinner when I'm finished...


Coda Vex said...

Good job Jenn. I fell off the wagon big time and today was my first day back on. I feel better after just one day of eating right and following the fasting guidline....Why do I keep falling off again?

BCCA pre-workout.
2 eggs W/spinach, tomatoes and a bit of cheese on small tortilla post W/O.
Protien bar (not good I know but I was hungry and is all I have at work.)cottage cheese, black berries and 1/2 apple.
Chicken breast baked potato grapes and spinach leaves.

Thanks for your me a boost!

Jenn said...

are you having any refeed days? like a real pigout meal or two every few weeks? It'll boost your leptin and curb your hunger. I remember eating a half of a deep dish Chicago pizza and not being hungry for at least 3 days after!

Dumpster Dude said...

Good to know that you controlled your temptation and went in for low fat food.

Jenn said...

@Dumpster Dude - that stuff doesn't tempt me. My biggest vices are red wine and original Oreos with milk.


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