Friday, January 27, 2012

A look back

Just a quick look back at, well, at my remind me that I am making progress. The cut diet is hard and I'm struggling, but I'm trying to stay positive and stick to it. Every now and again I like to look back to find the motivation I need to stay the course. The harsher flash in the second pic washes out what I believe are my improving back muscles...anyway, here's today's inspiration:
January 2011 - 129 lbs of 'skinny fat' 
January 2012 - 119 lbs; goodbye 'skinny fat'


jaysond said...

hey jenn, its jaysond from rippedbody site. you have been IF'ing way longer than me but what are you struggling with. maybe i can help? your blogs are so awesome, if i can return the favor. i love the cut, love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely more defined now, girl. Keep up the hard work.