Friday, September 30, 2011

RPT and Why I Never Get Bored

Ever since Martin's new blog post mentioned me and the FB group I started, we've nearly tripled in size. We're also getting a lot of newbies who just don't know where to start. I remember when I first stumbled on - there's a TON of detailed science in those posts and it was a bit overwhelming. I can still go back on any given day and learn something new from his posts and I am thankful for his generosity in literally giving away his intellectual property freely and to anyone.

That said, one newbie asked "What is Reverse Pyramid Training?" I know the basics - start at heaviest weight, limited sets, low volume, high-rest, etc...and this is how I've been training since about February. But it wasn't until I went back to Martin's blog to get the link to his description of RPT to post for the group when I realized I wasn't doing it quite right.

So, for all of you who think you're doing it right - as well as for those of you who may be just beginning, read this and get back on track.

BTW - I have to admit that, even after eight months of nearly the exact same routine, I still have yet to grow bored in the weight room. I attack every movement with increased fervor with the goal of either improving on my reps or my weights - or both whenever possible - and, as long as my diet has been clean, I almost always improve).

It is because of this that I have gone from a deadlift of 135lbs to 215lbs; bench press of 75lbs to 110lbs; overhead shoulder press of 15lbs (dumbbells) to 30lbs / 45lb Olympic bar to 65lbs; chinups/pullups from 0 unassisted to 3 body weight +27.5 lbs (142.5 lbs total) - mind you, after two sets of weighted chins (or pullups), I can usually do 8-10 body weight reps. I can do even more dips.

I log every exercise, every weight and every rep. I have gone through one mini-notebook already and have started a new one. I will one day have a Library of Progress to look back upon. While a rock hard six-pack still eludes me, I couldn't be happier with my progress in such a short time and I look forward to comparing my photos from January of 2011 to January of 2012 and beyond. At the end of next year I will be 40 and I plan on looking and feeling better than I did at 20. Hell, I already do!


Anonymous said...

mmm i dont mean to discourage you bro, i can see you've gained a lot of strenght... but at the same time you just went from beginner to intermediate... i dont think RPT is the reason... any routine if followed will send you there..
ill be more interested to see you doubling those numbers on RPT also...

Anonymous said...

wait! you are a woman... never mind =P you are strong!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever perform split-squats? (Recommended if you don't have proper mechanics for squatting.) I enjoy split-squats a bit more than I do normal squats because i have to engage more fast twitch stabilizer muscles to maintain balance. Split-squats are also pretty great for developing strong glutes. Keep up the progress. You're looking great so far.

Anonymous said...

Helluva job, Jenn.

Shirtless Citizen said...


your transformation it's so inspiring... keep up the good work!

I have started today the RPT protocol and i'm looking forward to see the results.

All the best,