Friday, August 19, 2011

PSMF - Day 3

It's day 3 of my PSMF experiment and I don't feel any different than I have been feeling prior to beginning this diet.
  • Hunger Level - moderate at wake up - as always!
  • Abs Progress - tummy honestly feels tighter and more compact already...but that could just be wishful thinking. Took pics today and posted here - I'm going to try to take pics every few days and will also post all at once at the end of this to compare progress as time goes on.
  • Training Report - Did chest and shoulders yesterday and was able to maintain on my max bench (100 lbs x 4 without a spotter); added reps with incline DB press (40 lbs each hand x 6); DB military fell in weight, but I think it's because I killed my shoulders with the incline DB press; and dips jumped bigtime to bodyweight +20 lbs x 7. *These are all first set numbers. I completed two sets of each and three of dips RPT style.
I made my 170g protein for food intake yesterday thanks to a pound of boneless country style pork ribs and a pasta bowl full of steamed cauliflower yesterday along with the chicken, cabbage and egg whites I had at lunch time. YUMMY.

Today I have 330g (11 oz) of pork ribs left for lunch (66g protein), a single scoop casein shake (24 g protein); more cauliflower and not sure what I'll make for dinner. Maybe more chicken or a giant pile of tilapia fillets I have crammed in my fridge with a pile of broccoli. I think a little variety is a good thing or I'll get so sick of this diet I'll never make the next 9 days.

I also wanted to give a shout out to my FFF girls. Thank you all so much for your support of our Facebook group and, well, of me while I undertake this fairly hardcore "diet." You chicks rule.

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losttwistednluved said...

Love it! abs are looking serious! Ur motivating me thank you!