Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am a Warrior!

Sorry it's taken so long to post my Warrior Challenge summary and results.

Let me begin by saying this was quite a challenge after all. To do well, this competition required a balanced level of fitness. You couldn't just be strong; you couldn't just be fast; you couldn't just have great cardio conditioning; and, most of all, you couldn't be weak minded.

Overall in the women, I was listed as 15th out of what looked like 29 women in total who competed. Not too bad for a first-timer, I think. I finished horribly in my run - 22nd; but finished 3rd in pull ups (did 10 from dead hang) and 8th in Burpees. I hit the wall halfway through my burpees - just couldn't keep the pace, but still managed 38 in 2 minutes.

By the time we got to the mystery challenge, I was spent. We had to hold our sea-water soaked 20-lb sandbags (40lb for the men) over our heads for as long as possible. My entire body, which had been depleted of glycogen for quite some time due to the fact I hadn't eaten since about 7 the night before (seared tuna, salad and some bread - VERY poor choice of a last meal before the competition). I placed 24th in that with a time of 3:40. The winner of that challenge was a woman who held hers for over 17 minutes! Very impressive!

Anyway, I honestly believe if I had dialed in my nutrition a bit better and trained for more than 3 weeks with the run, I would have been top 5 easily. At least this gives me a benchmark for next year - and I may consider eating breakfast before that event also.

I guess there's some disagreement on IF and endurance activities. If anyone out there has any experience in this matter, I'd love to hear what I could have done differently - how I should have eaten leading up to the event to maintain the fast while maintaining my stamina.

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