Thursday, June 30, 2011

Introducing the Jean Bag

Since I'm STILL waiting for my polypropylene sandbags from Patriot Surplus, I took a friend's advice and called an audible. I cut the legs off a pair of baggy bluejeans, grabbed two zipties and some duct tape and BAM! Meet the Jean Bag (Name courtesy of Tanis from FFF).

I know the jean bag doesn't look like much, but this little bastard was a PITA on the beach last night. Weighing in at 25.4 lbs of packed sand, the Jean Bag accompanied me on my first 1-mile deep sand training run.

I have to admit that, while the run itself was probably the hardest mile I've ever undertaken to date, the worn denim was pleasantly soft and allowed the sand to mold itself around my shoulder, eliminating the jabbing pain I experienced running with the dumbbell a few days ago. It was also much easier to switch shoulders while running since I could just throw it onto my shoulder mid-stride. The poly bags will be more of a bitch as they'll get slick, but at least I was able to get in my first run while I'm waiting for the real McCoy to arrive.

The run itself took 15 minutes in total and, while the sandbag and added weight was a bitch, the worst part of the run was the burning in my shin muscles and my feet. I ran barefoot in deep sand for 99 percent of the distance - I'll admit to dipping near the water once or twice but, at high tide, this offered little reprieve from the soft sand higher up the beach.

After I finished, exhausted and steaming hot, I grabbed my 7' surfboard and hit the water. I thought the waves were too small for that board, so I started paddling north to just get some more exercise when I came upon a bigger, hollower inside wave in the area where the lifeguards just left duty. JACKPOT! I enjoyed about 45 minutes of basically uninterrupted, uncrowded waves. They were short and steep and most closed out on me at the end, but I got some fun rides and the water was clear, clean and warm! I love a sunset surf session.

All in all, last night was an extremely successful first training day.

Next run is tomorrow. Only 7 runs left before the challenge, so wish me luck!


Lisa@The Nourishing Homemaker said...

MacGyver would be jealous :)

Anonymous said...

I am thinking you will have to wait quite a while for your sandbags to arrive due to all the flooding in the midwest.... But that was a pretty genious idea to use a cutoff pair of jeans!

Anonymous said...


I've taken army duffle bags from a surplus store, lined them with a couple of kitchen garbage bags, tied them off, and duct taped them together. Not sure how big or heavy you need to go for your contest, but i've gone up to 100lb doing that. If you want the volume but not the weight, replace the sand with wood chips. Just a thought... -Shawn

2380a2e0b48efc8674c816badb450a68 said...

And now I know what to do with my husband's old jeans. You, madam, are BRILLIANT.

2380a2e0b48efc8674c816badb450a68 said...

Now I know what to do with my husband's old jeans. You, madam, are BRILLIANT.