Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stuck in the Mud

I tried my luck with breathing squats again. This time I cut waaay down to 75 lbs. These will take me some time to get accustomed to - and it's not even the legs that bothered me while I was doing them - it was my traps/shoulders. They just get sore and tired holding up the weight through 20 reps and all of the breathing in between. I'm still not exactly sure if I'm doing them correctly - am I supposed to be sucking air like I was just held under water for 3 minutes? 'Cause that's how I feel about 3/4 way through the 20.


Even if I'm doing them wrong, they're still doing something b/c today my legs feel like sandbags. When I walk up my stairs I feel like I'm walking through mud. Definitely going to hit the gym for what a friend recently called "Geriatric Cardio" - LISS - low intensity, steady-state. I'll also get bundled up and take my dog for a good long walk to the beach, but the wind is blowing onshore and it's FREEEEEEZING outside. I'm tired of being cold.

But, I digress...I'm taking the weekend off to eat, rest, and do LISS. Monday's the start of a new chapter in my IF/LG journey. Stay tuned to see what I'll be up to next.

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Anonymous said...

Keep plugging away at the breathing squats. They always suck, but the shock to the CNS (at least for me) goes away after a month or so. I actually stretch (which I seldom do) after doing them since it seems to help with the recovery.

Again, you have to leave your ego at the door if you do them correctly. I can remember one time where I actually laid on the ground for a good 5-10 minutes under the squat rack when finished:) Shawn