Friday, April 29, 2011

A look back at Tubby Jenny...

Ok, so here I was in my former tubby glory, hanging out with my dad in New Orleans in August of 2009. Now, dad loves me and was clearly blind to my chubbiness b/c he told me I had never looked better! LOL. Thanks, Dad! I love you, too!

I was getting down on myself the other day b/c my belly fat just doesn't seem to want to unpark itself from my abs. It's pissing me off and I find it quite frustrating. Well, a friend of mine suggested that I look back on older photos - from 2010 and beyond, to see just how much I really have changed.

So I did. And guess what I learned? I have already completely transformed my body in many ways. I may not be sporting ripped abs - yet - but my face, chest and arms have leaned out tremendously! And, even though my belly is still there, it's nowhere near the proportion it was when this photo was taken.

Here I am as of yesterday, April 28, 2011...It's not as full of a shot to compare, but it really does say it all. Who still doubts Leangains and Intermittent Fasting?


Eddie said...

Great progress, Jen. IF'ing all the way, but I sure as hell know it's a slow and steady process. Can't rush a good thing. BTW, August 2011??? :)

Jenn said...

thanks. I'm more wrinkly now w/o all that fat to fill them in, but I'll take it. and I fixed that date. ;)

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