Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breathing Squats Suck

Let me just put this out there: breathing squats suck ass - and I mean that in the best possible way. They. Are. Hard.

I tried them yesterday and loaded up the bar with what I thought I could do 10 reps of (110 lbs - HA!) and started my routine. Deep breath...hold...lower to at least parallel...release breath on way up...hold while taking 3-4 deep breaths...repeat.

Holy Mother of God - it is so much harder than it looks. I could barely get through 4 before I thought I was going to pass out.

Next set, I removed weight and tried again. Was met with similar result.

Final set, removed nearly all the weight (down to 65 lbs at this point) and squeaked out 8. I was supposed to be able to do 20 - TWENTY. WTF? By number 8 on my last set, I was lightheaded and thought I would fall over. Hmmmm...

Either I'm not doing something right, or I'm doing it exactly right with just way too much weight. Anyone out there have any experience with breathing squats? Am I supposed to feel like I'm going to die not even halfway through? LOL.

Will try again next week with the lighter weight on first set and see if I can get the breathing down.

The good news is that my thighs and quads are sore today, so I did get some type of workout from the experience. So, not a total loss.


Steve said...

My heart races like crazy when I do weighted squats. I'd like to know what doing 4 sets of 10 equals in run miles.

Coda Vex said...

Who said you were supposed to do 20? That seems like a lot. My program (starting strength) has me doing squats every workout, which is on an A-B rotation 3 times a week and has me doing 4 or 5 warm up sets of 5reps at a lower weight and then 3 sets of 5 at full weight with the weight increasing 5lbs each work out.

My thought is that if you want to gain strength and build those legs up 20 reps is way to much.

As far as the breathing. I just take a big breath in go at least parallel (usually deeper) and release about half way up. Key to squat is keeping you head neutral (not looking up or down) and activating your hips. Lots of people struggle because they get no hip extension (raise your butt up first and then drive)

Jenn said...

you're not doing "Breathing Squats." Look it up; it's very different than traditional weighted squats -

Coda Vex said...

Sorry Jenn, I looked at your link and a couple others and I see now what your saying and that it is a different type of squat programming.... and friggin Hard Core!

This looks like a hard gainer man so be careful and start light. How often will you be doing these a week>

Jenn said...

just once a week instead of regular squat day. Only going to do it for three weeks, then cycle back to squats and walking lunges.

1leone said...

You'll find that squats will work your core the best and your abs....It's by far the king of exercises.

One possible suggestion (& everyone has differing views on this) hold your breath on the way up. Grunt if you want but try and release the breath when the movement is nearly finished. Holding the breadth keeps the core tight and since squats works your lower half of your body, you don't want to loosen things whilst you're straining. This will be more evident once you increase in weight.
MAke sure you stretch the hip flexors and glutes....

Anonymous said...

20 rep breathing squats ALWAYS suck. Whenever I do them I leave my ego at the door and realize that that's about all I'll be able to do for the day.

Other than lightening the load before you start, it sounds like you are doing them exactly the way you are supposed to. From reps 12-16 I'll usually just focus on catching my breath and taking a few extra seconds (5-10) with the bar on my shoulder between reps.
After 16, I just want that damn bar off me and find a way to get through it.

Don't forget to squat in a rack as well, I have been caught and forced to crawl out in the past:) -Shawn

Jenn said...

@Shawn - yes, I use a rack. I'm a safety girl. :)

I'm going to try these again next week with a MUCH lighter load. Stay tuned!