Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Business Trip...

Traveling again - I'm in Wichita this week. Yee-haw! Nice place. I actually kind of like it here. The folks are all very nice. There's no traffic that I have seen and the pace of life feels a bit less frantic - that is, until I get to the office. But hey, I have a job. I mostly love my job and I totally love the people I work with.

With the 12-hour work days we've been putting in, I haven't had time to workout, but I'm keeping the diet pretty on par with leangains...

The lunch options don't afford me the opportunity to really protein up, so I've been keeping them very low carb and as much protein as is possible. I didn't pack protein powder, but I did bring beef and turkey jerkey and some of those packs of mixed nuts for emergencies. Since I'm way low on calories, I've been trying to load up at the only real meal I get each day - Dinner.

On Monday I had the top sirloin with a double serving of veggies. That white stuff on the top of the meat is chive butter.

As you can see, I hated it.

Last night my options were a bit more limited, so I opted for the Pumphouse Double Deluxe (2 burger patties with sauteed mushrooms on top.

I didn't clean my plate this time, but I did eat all of that meat. YUM.

As for my training successes, during my last workout on Saturday I wanted to see how many bodyweight pullups and chinups I can do so I did the following with a few mins rest between each set:

10 chins, 8 pull ups, 8 chins, 6 pull ups, 6 chins, 3 pullups, 4 chins,

45 reps in total. I'll go back to training with extra weight and lower reps for another month and test myself again. Also benched a new PR of 100 lbs x 3.

Before I left, I was still weighing around 116 lbs, so we'll see what I am when I get home on Friday.

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