Thursday, February 3, 2011

My First Challenge

Sticking to the LG approach to life while I'm home or at the office has been pretty easy. I only eat between 1 pm - 9 pm every day; I eat at least half of my calories as protein and the rest as fats and veggies with the occasional starch thrown in on workout days...

But what is a girl to do when she's traveling for business and forced to follow someone else's schedule?

Next week I'm headed to Chicago for business. The agenda? Wednesday night cocktail party/schmooze fest with the CEO. Wine and hors d'oeuvres a plenty...Piles of protein - Who knows? I'm thinking I'll fast most of the day until I get to Chicago (airline food sucks anyway) and find some kind of massive protein to eat before the party. I'll bring some BCAAs and my shaker cup to help tide me over. At the worst, maybe I can get some kind of protein and veggies in Minneapolis on my layover. Yippee.

Thursday I'm planning a major refeed - my first, actually. I haven't eaten authentic deep-dish Chicago-style pizza in about 13 years and I don't plan on holding back this time. Luckily, I think it'll be on the menu for lunch, so I'll have the rest of the day to behave - and hit the fitness center at the hotel.

And Friday I will be flying through my entire feeding window of 1-9 I will do my best to seek out protein and will be sure to pack my Casein as well. Not sure what kind of portable protein snacks I can take as most protein bars are loaded with carbs...Maybe I'll hit up Martin's following on Facebook and see if they have any suggestions.


dhnolan said...

Try beef jerky! Its almost entirely protein, very little fat or carbs as long as you avoid the flavored stuff, original or peppered are my favorite. Pretty high on sodium though but nothing is perfect.

Anonymous said...


I've been considering low sodium jerky as a protein source on the go. The issue being that even low sodium jerky still has much more than I would prefer but it's sure to be lower in salt and much tastier than say, canned tuna (bleh).

Pretty decent macros for portable meat. It would probably be best suited as a snack rather than a meal for obvious reasons. I don't see a person stomaching 70 + grams of protein worth of this stuff in one sitting.

Hope this helps,

mmohrman said...

Just discovered your blog after finding a link to it on martin's website this morning. I've been reading martin's now for about 3 weeks, and have been starting to wish for an IF/fitness blog from a woman's perspective. So yay! I started IF at the beginning of last week, but after reading fast5, eat stop eat, and martin's method have been jumping around between all three without a real plan. I've lost a couple pounds but I think I need to pick one method and stick with it. Your blog was just the motivation I needed! Great job on your progress so far!

Anonymous said...

I usually bring raw almonds with me when I travel. Low carb, no packaging, and pretty healthy. If you are willing to put sugar alcohols in you, there are quite a few high protein/low carb bars out there. Atkins, will probably be the easiest to find.


Lisa@The Nourishing Homemaker said...

Hi! I'm so excited to have found your blog! Martin at leangains included your site in an email. :)

I have just recently started IF and I devoured Martin's articles in a matter of days. But I really wanted some women's input, ideas, etc.

So, it's nice to meet you and I am looking forward to reading your blog.

ps-I had my first refeed in several years the other day. That pizza looks awesome!

Jenn said...

@dhnolan, Brandon - thanks for the suggestions. I thought about jerky, but it's so damn salty. I think I'll look into a low-sodium variety. thanks.

@mmohrman, Lisa - I was thinking the exact same thing about needing the woman's perspective. Feel free to comment as much as you want and share your experiences, too. Maybe we can start the Leanchicks movement!

Jenn said...

@shawn - yes, i love naked almonds, too!