Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grilled chicken, zucchini, avocado and cauliflower/potato mash

Today's lunch

7 oz (cooked weight) grilled chicken, 1/2 avocado, a cup of zucchini and a half-cup of my homemade red potato/cauliflower mash.

Approx nutrient breakdown...

Any questions?


Erin said...

Hey Jenn! Excellent blog - so glad that Martin mentioned it!

I'm basically doing the same type of program as you, and looking at your daily macronutrient breakdown I'm astonished to see that we're pretty much on the exact same level!

I'm blogging my experience at, drop on by sometime! Let me know if you need any moral support or if you run into anything groundbreaking in your routine :)


Jenn said...

Hi Erin. I took a quick peek at your blog and will definitely go through it...which BCAAs are vomit-inducing? I take Scivation Xtend (refreshing watermelon) and find it tastes like watermelon jolly ranchers. To get them to dissolve, mix in hot water first and add cold before you drink it.

Erin said...


I, of course, just decided to get the cheapest (but still high quality) form of BCAAs I could find, so I got these from Vitacost:

It's actually fine now that I started taking it with a little lemon juice. I'm seeing a lot of bodybuilding forums where people are having the same problem downing the powder without some kind of juice.

Once I finish this container I will DEFINITELY be investing in Xtend BCAAs!

Jenn said...

Do a google search and you can find small tubs (30 servings) for about $17. I don't take them every day - only on days when I workout in the morning and won't be eating until 1 pm. Then it's 3 servings spread out, including one pre-workout.

Anonymous said...

i think your calorie count is wrong, because 4oz of grilled chicken is 165 calories, so the calorie count for 7 ounce would be around 300 calories so nearly double, its a mistake i did before 165 calories is 7 ounce of uncooked chicken, just a tip :)