Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Cost of Your Free Hotel Breakfast

I'm sitting at a Hampton Inn in northern Maryland preparing for day 2 of the house-hunting trip with my husband. As soon as I left my room on the second floor, I was bowled over by the sweet and spicy smell of sweet rolls, donuts, sausage and maple syrup.

Venturing forth for my morning cup of black coffee with splenda - cortisol be damned - I was determined not to be intimidated by my nemesis: the glazed donut.

I can't help it, really. My love affair with glazed donuts stems from the Tastee Donut store I used to frequent as a child. They were serving fresh, warm glazed donuts long before the Krispy Kreme folks we're around.

I digress.

So, I'm sitting in the breakfast room as my senses are bombarded with the smell if breakfast past and I am NOT eating a glazed donut. I am sipping my coffee and watching the people around me load their plates with piles of waffles, sausage, sugary cereals and, yes, glazed donuts. While these foods may offer a few minutes of pleasure, the long-term cost of breaking my fast, derailing 2 months of discipline, and sending me into insulin overdrive when there's no workout in sight today is one I am just not willing to pay.

After all, I know better.

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James said...

Omg, your making me crave some bad bad foods.

I am finding IF only hard on days where you don't have anything to do. You just sit there and start thinking of food you wanna eat, omg so bad, lol

P.S Just found your blog via LG, and love it, keep up the good work.

Jenn said...

Lol. Yea, IF is tough when you're bored. I'll drink flavored green teas, black coffee or even a serving of BCAAs to curb cravings or bored eating.

Hit the gym for a light stroll, go outside, walk your dog or re-read LG to stay motivated. I look at the success stories when I want to munch.

Jane said...

Good girl! Feeling disciplined and successful in your diet feels WAY better than indulging and feeling weak. :)

That pic of the Krispy Kremes is KILLING me! YUM!!

HPJ said...

Very cool Blog, hope you keep this active and look forward to future posts!