Saturday, January 8, 2011

Whaddya mean I can't drink my wine?!

Wine is making me fat.

It's true and I couldn't be more hesitant to admit it. But the time has come for me to face the facts.

There is nothing I love more than coming home from work on a cold, winter day and sipping a nice Pinot Noir while I make dinner. This in and of itself isn't necessarily bad. The problem lies somewhere between sipping a glass and downing the entire bottle - by myself.

Turns out, a bottle of an average red has more than 550 calories! To make things worse, once you consume any kind of alcohol, your body stops doing anything but trying to get rid of it - that means no metabolization of protein, carbs and, yes, even fat!

If you like to drink beer or wine while noshing on fatty snacks - even cheese and crackers - this is bad news.

So for all of you drinkers out there trying, like I am, to find your abs, be wary of booze. Consume it at your own risk, preferably on an empty stomach while on the treadmill.

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Ebby said...

I decided to not allow alcohol in my house, I realized drinking wine alone wasn't condusive to my well being, lol, duuuh. The Mr. doesn't drink, so it was my own lil treat I thought to myself. I realize now how much drinking those two glasses and getting the buzz set me up for failure in terms of goals because of my snacking habits, dark chocolate particularily (not bad but a whole bar?) lol. So I've been drink free since christmas! You go girl. :D