Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rockin' the Chins

Today I rocked the chinups, totaling the most ever in the fewest sets.

Set 1 - 9
Set 2 - 7
Set 3 - 4

These are full chin-ups; I went all the way to lockout like the woman in the pic and back to the top where my chin was above the bar.

What's better than doing 9 chins? Doing 9 chins, hopping down and seeing a 300 lb stacked dude smiling at me with the "way to go" look. :)

Next time I'm adding weights. I'll look a bit silly with a 5 lb plate hanging from my waist, but you have to crawl before you can walk!

Weight - steady - 119.4-119.6
BF - down to 27.1% (yay!)
Tummy - FULL of chicken meat and jambalaya! Tonight's dinner? Homemade pulled pork sandwiches and sweet potato fries! If this is a diet, I'm in heaven.


dougal said...

Lovin your blog and yes IF rocks. Here is an alternative for the weight around your waist. Grab a dumbell and pick it up with your ankles before you do the chin or WG pull up.

Jenn said...

Yeah, I do that with other exercises, but the funny thing is I can hardly reach the chin-up bar at my gym. I have to use a small step box and I'm still stretching to reach the handles, so I'm afraid that if I try to grab a dumbbell while doing this I'll fall on my face. I lean toward clumsy as it is. :) I use dumbbells between my feet when I do knee raises though.