Friday, January 28, 2011

Pullups, dips, chins...and assorted leg torture

It's been a productive and eventful past couple of days. On Thursday, I did more pull-ups than ever before - BW X6, X5, X4; heavy walking lunges - 90x20 steps, 80x20 steps, 70x20 steps, 60x20 steps; Romanian (stiff-legged) deadlifts 95x5, 90x5, 85x5 and, to finish off, I did leg extensions - 160x5, 145x5, 130x5.

Today, Saturday, I did weighted chins w/ BW+10lb plate for 5, BW+7lbs for 5 and BW+5lbs for 5, then BW x 6 and then 3 and I was FINISHED. Somewhere in between I added some standing military presses - 60 x 5, 55 x 5, and 50 x 5.

To wrap it all up, I completed my 'easy' Saturday at the gym with some Circus Bears...wonder what they are? Well, I think I came up with the name...I get on all fours on a large swiss ball and then I get into a kneeling position and balance for as long as possible. Try it. They're great for the core and thighs. I'm trying to keep my surfer's balance in tune since I haven't been in the water FOREVER.

Weight: 118.8
BF: 26.5%

That's if for now.


Ada Vaskys said...

hey there!

I have also been experimenting with IF, but am using a 14/10 strategy per Mr. Berkhan's advice. I've hit a plateau and haven't lost much at all. I need to work on the pattern of my feeding phase and the %'s of my diet's components I think. Got any advice?

Great blog.

Jenn said...

@Ada - That depends on what you're currently doing. I'm learning as I go as well but, as I said in another comment, you can't pay enough attention to your calories. It doesn't matter how clean you eat if you're continually eating too many calories. I'm working on a blog that will detail a bit more specifically what I'm eating. Stay tuned and thanks for the comment.

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