Friday, January 7, 2011

Ouch! I didn't quite look like this chick pictured here. She's obviously some sort of freak of nature. But I practiced the clean and jerk using just the 45lb bar - you know, like the one that's holding about 150 lbs for the girl in this photo.

I must admit, it was an interesting experience. First of all, after reading that shoes with gel cushioning would defeat the entire purpose of such an advanced move, I donned the only somewhat gym-appropriate shoes I own that have absolutely no support - my Chuck Taylor All Stars I got at Target for like $14 last year.

Using such a low weight, I found didn't really need to the the split-squat thing Wonder Woman is doing here. Nevertheless, I think I mastered the basic mechanics - and have sore legs (and shoulders) to prove it. At least I didn't hurt myself.

Tomorrow we're going snowboarding - I hope I didn't sabotage my day at the mountain with this exercise! If I can't get off the toilet in the morning, I'll know I'm in trouble.

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Suz said...

Getting off the toilet, indeed! I remember a time decades ago when I was going to improve myself by doing squats. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and my legs crumbled! I finally pulled myself up and made it to the toilet, but getting off that was a major feat. I walked around for days with my knees locked. Good luck!!