Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hunger Level Defcon 5

Starving today. Logged into my Livestrong account and see I'm waaaay below the 1,536 calories a day I'm supposed to be eating (and that's my restricted goal, not maintenance). I need to eat a lot more during my "window."

Then, to top things off, the turkey I brought to eat with my veggies and fruit was so salty I couldn't eat it. That's what I get for bringing in lunchmeat - but it's not the pre-packaged kind. It must be the marinade they used at Wegmann's, but it's icky. I had to eat a, GASP, Balance Bar so that I didn't cannibalize my boss.

I think this fasting thing is going to require a little more preparation on days I have to be at the office.

Short post this afternoon - I'll have more to say later after my workout and the ensuing pig-out on ribeye steak and yams that I'm currently plotting.

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