Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gummy Goodness

Unfortunately no workout today. Tweaked my back about a week ago - possibly when I caught the downhill edge of my snowboard last weekend and landed flat on my back (thank GOD I wear a helmet). Between that, my heavy squat day and my lumpy mattress, I'm toast. Dragged my butt to a Chiropractor who made my neck, midback and lowback snap crackle and pop. Going back Monday to see if everything is still straight.

Have a lot of soreness now, so I'm focusing on keeping the diet loaded with protein and low carbs b/c it's movie night - and I can't go to a movie without a bag of gummy bears!

Will see how I feel in the morning and hopefully get to the gym and do some upper body and more stretching. Don't want to aggravate the back with deadlifts. Probably wait until next weekend to try again.

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