Thursday, November 19, 2009

DIET is a four-letter word!

Here's what I've eaten today:

A.M. vanilla protein shake with skim milk (32 g protein)

creatine drink w/water

*Back and Biceps workout*

post-workout protein shake w/water (23 g protein w/o the milk)

2 lunch boxes with two boiled chicken tenderloins and 1 cup of mixed frozen (thawed, but not cooked) corn, peas and green beans. Approximately 36 g protein plus loads of fiber.

SO, it's 2:42 pm and I've already consumed 91 g of protein. Need to fit in another 30 g minimum into the rest of the day, preferably 50 g. I'll have a small snack in an hour or so that has to include protein, but I'm out of food! Will run to the coffee shop b/c they have my favorite Chobani Greek yogurt there (14-16 g of protein depending on the flavor).

Dinner tonight will be marinated flank steak, wild rice and veggies and I'll have another protein shake before bed to top things off and get my metabolism revving for tomorrow!

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