Monday, September 15, 2008

The Impenetrable Forest i actually began my fitness quest in earnest (for the millionth time) about two weeks ago. I am learning that my problem isn't getting in a good workout, but actually getting to the gym. Every time I plan to go I am distracted by a never-ending list of things I should be doing at home - washing the floors (damn dog hair); cleaning the bathroom (what IS that funk on the toilet seat?); tackling the laundry (How many people live here?).

Just getting from my bedroom to my car with gym bag in hand is like trekking through a dark, impenetrable forest. Just when I think I've found the way out, the path twists and turns, ultimately keeping me from reaching my desired destination.

The overgrown forest of housework and wifely/motherly duties is perhaps my biggest roadblock and I have to find a way to blaze through it without distraction.

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